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In this article we are going to talk about how to get the soundcloud embed code or how to embed the soundcloud code from url in PHP. You need to copy and paste the soundcloud url and using PHP we are going to create soundcloud embed script.

How to get embed code from soundcloud URL


In this article am going to explain you how to make HTTP POST using PHP cURL. Some places you may need to post data to remote server where the data will insert to database or process and send you the response. Mostly APIs will use these methods. Apart from API we require it to post the data to remote server from local or for cross domain request.

PHP tutorial to post data using cURL

In this article am going to speak about how to create image thumbnail in PHP. In lot of website and portals we need to show image thumbnail for profile image, products etc. By using PHP you can easily create image thumbnails with required dimensions.

PHP image Thumbnail

Today i will explain you a short PHP snippet to get the computer mac address using PHP. This is very simple PHP function. We will trigger the system commend and get the mac address.

PHP get client machine mac address

This article is about how to read the CSV files using PHP. I have implemented simple and easy way of handling the CSV file in PHP. I have used PHP inbuilt function called fgetcsv to open and read CSV files. You can use this method to insert the CSV data to MYSQL database.

PHP read CSV files

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