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When Gmail starts to become one of the top free email service, lot of users starts looking for a way to download their email data. Google recently introduce the option to download all your Google data along with your Gmail messages. In this article am going to explain you how to download your Gmail data along with all your Google data.

How to download gmail data backup

In this article am listing out the 5 most useful SSH commands which a developer should know. I imagine that you have connected your SSH (Putty) to your live server.

SSH Commands

JSON is an advanced and most powerful lightweight data-interchange format used in most of web and mobile technology. In this article am going to explain you how create an interactive JSON search feature which will be powerful and lightning fast and simple to develop. This will avoid the server request for search and work using client side script like JavaScript or jQuery.

Search JSON array using jQuery

In this article we are going to talk about how to get the soundcloud embed code or how to embed the soundcloud code from url in PHP. You need to copy and paste the soundcloud url and using PHP we are going to create soundcloud embed script.

How to get embed code from soundcloud URL


In this article am going to explain you how to make HTTP POST using PHP cURL. Some places you may need to post data to remote server where the data will insert to database or process and send you the response. Mostly APIs will use these methods. Apart from API we require it to post the data to remote server from local or for cross domain request.

PHP tutorial to post data using cURL

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