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Aavanor Systems The ability to select and incorporate technologies that can materially enhance stakeholder value, is a key differentiator among technology companies. Aavanor's deep commitment to research and innovation means that Aavanor Hospaa3 is always on the cutting edge of Healthcare Work Flow improvements and Information Technology.

A 'Key Success Determinant' in large and complex Hospital IT projects is the ability of the IT partner to successfully migrate a busy hospital with numerous stake holders into a new digital environment.

Aavanor Hospaa3 is a fully integrated, online hospital management system. It is a completely scalable web application, and can be used by hospitals of all sizes.

It is especially useful for hospitals with multiple locations as Aavanor's advanced Business Intelligence solution allows management to strategically analyze Financial, Administrative and Medical parameters from a Data Warehouse.

The technology used in developing this product makes it robust and extremely flexible to implement. J2EE technology, Service Oriented Architecture and a Work Flow Engine allows setup at the hospital level to accommodate minor changes to work flow that exist in different departments and hospitals within the organization.

Extensive use of open source technologies allows us to offer a low 'Total Cost of Ownership' to Hospitals. Apart from significant initial savings, benefits can be achieved at every stage of growth within the organization.

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