Adobe Illustrator basic tutorials

Illustrator is software which deals with vectors made by lines and curves. Photoshop is resolution dependent software which deals with rastor i.e. pixel based images. They are resolution-independent with crisp edges which are maintained when resized.Adobe Illustrator basic tutorials

  • Workspace in illustrator is similar as photoshop which includes
  • Menu bar which contain all menus.
  • Tool panel appear on the left side of the screen with all tools.
  • Control panel (known as option bar in photoshop) is seen below the menu bar with all options of the tool which has been currently selected.
  • Document window has the file with which we are working.
  • Panels appear on the right side of the screen with all palettes.

illustrator workspace

The 2 major color mode used here is RGB and CMYK

  • RGB – used to design an artwork to view on screen. Eg. Website, etc.
  • CMYK – used to design an artwork which is going to be printed. Eg. Brochures, logos, etc.


  1. Selection selection tool – for selection and moving an object.
  2. selection tool
    1. Direct selection tool – select and edit individual node.
    2. Group selection tool – select individual piesces in a group of objects without ungrouping them.
  3. Magic wand – select object with similar attribute/ color.
  4. Lasso tool – select anchor points of an object.
  5. pen tool
    1. Pen – draw straight/ curved shapes with anchor points.
    2. Add anchor point – add anchor point in a path.
    3. Delete anchor point – delete an anchor point from a path.
    4. Convert anchor point – convert a sharp anchor points to smooth points or vice versa.
  6. type tool
    1. Type – create blocks to type in it.
    2. Area type – type within a closed path.
    3. Type on a path – type on a line segment.
    4. Vertical type – type vertically in a closed path.
    5. Vertical area type – type vertically in a closed path.
    6. Vertical type on a path – type vertically on a line segment
  7. line segment
    1. Line Segment – Creates perfectly angled straight line segments
    2. Curve – Creates perfect curved line segments
    3. Spiral
    4. Rectangular Grid
    5. Polar Grid
  8. shapes
    1. Rectangle – Creates rectangles and perfect squares.
    2. Rounded Rectangle – Creates rectangular shapes with rounded corners.
    3. Elipse – Creates elipses and perfect circles.
    4. Polygon – Creates shapes with as little as 3 sides, triangles, or even 100 sides.
    5. Star – Creates star shaes with as little as three arms
    6. Flare – Creates a vectorized lens flare.
  9. Brush – Uses and replicates marks chosen from the Brushes menu to create a hand-drawn look.
  10. pencil
    1. Pencil – Creates irregular stroked lines.
    2. Smoother – Removes sharp ecges from lines.
    3. Eraser – Deletes segments from lines.
  11. rotate
    1. Rotate
    2. Reflec
  12. shear tool
    1. Scale
    2. Shear
    3. Reshape
  13. wrap tool
    1. Warp – “Liquifies” an object as if it were paint.
    2. Swirl
    3. Pucker
    4. Bloat
    5. Scallop
    6. Crystalize
    7. Wrinkle
  14. Free Transform
  15. symbol
    1. Symbol Sprayer – Replicates vectorized sybols chosen from the Symbol menu
    2. ymbol Shifter – Moves painted symbols around
    3. Symbol Scruncher – Moves symbols closer together
    4. Symbol Sizer – Changes the sizes of painted symbols
    5. Symbol Rotate
    6. Symbol Stainer – Changes symbol color to a monochromatic state
    7. Symbol Screener – Changes a symbol’s transparency
    8. Symbol Style
  16. graph tool
    1. Bar Graph
    2. Stacked Bar Graph
    3. Horizontal Bar Graph
    4. Horizontal Stacked Bar Graph
    5. Line Graph
    6. Area Graph
    7. Scatter Graph
    8. Pie Graph
    9. Radar Graph
  17. Gradient Mesh – Creates a complex mesh of gradating colors within a shape.
  18. Gradient – Controls the path of a gradient color within a shape
  19. ruler
    1. Eye Dropper – Replicates a color chosen from an existing object.
    2. Ruler
  20. Blend – Morphs two selected objects.
  21. Live Paint Bucket
  22. Live Paint Selection
  23. slice tool
    1. Crop – Adds crop marks to a document.
    2. Slice – Creates web ready pieces to be exported from your document.
    3. Slice Selection
  24. eraser
    1. Scissor – Cuts line segments.
    2. Eraser – Erases fill color and stroke from objects.
    3. Knife – Cuts shapes out of objects.
  25. Glove – Moves the page
  26. Zoom
  27. Fill Color – Selects an objects inner color.
  28. Stroke Color – Selects the color of the line around an object.
  29. Color/Gradient/None – Adds a previously selected color or gradient, or takes away a color.

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