PHP Ajax basic example

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). Ajax is the interrelated web development method used in client side web application development. By using ajax we can send data to web server without interrupting user, browser, display and also behavior of the current page. This type of data transfer is called as Asynchronous or Process in Background.

PHP Ajax Basic tutorialIn Ajax all information like image, content or video whatever it may be all the data is retrieved in XMLHttp Request Object.

Basic Ajax example:
In this example I will explain you basic Ajax and PHP integration .

CREATE TABLE `demo`.`article` (
`category` VARCHAR( 10 ) NOT NULL ,
`title` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL ,
`link` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL

Ajax Basic tutorial

Download FileDemo

After completing the form now run the script. While you selecting any option in the select box ajax will get the value of that particular category and send the value to the PHP. PHP will fetch the corresponding data from database. Again Ajax will get the output data from PHP and display it in html form. So without interrupting the user or browser we can show, edit or delete the database records.

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