Business Card Design in Illustrator

Business cards also known as calling cards, it first appeared in China in 15th century and in Europe in 17th century. Business cards are cards those which contains information’s about company or an individual and they are shared during formal introductions.

business-card-design-in-illustratorA business card consists of a company logo, contact information’s such as address, telephone number, email id and website address.It can also
include fax etc. In the ancient days a business cards consisted of plain backgrounds with black texting on it.

But, today a professional business cards consists more aspect of striking visual design. Standard size of business cards 9cmX5cm.

Business card types

  • Gloss cards ( Front and Back)
  • Matt Cards ( Front and Back)
  • Matte cards with UV
  • Synthetic cards
  • Corporate cards

Gloss cards :- These types of cards have gloss effect on it ( gloss meaning shine). they give a pleasing appearance they
can be printed either in front alone (or) front and back.

Matt Cards:- These types of cards have no gloss effect they are smooth in appearance but they have a matt finish on it.
widely moving and can be printed either in front alone (or) front and back.

Synthetic Cards : These types of cards are printed on synthetic sheets and they are highly durable and economical

Matte with UV :- Similar to matte cards except they will have uv coat applied to the areas where they need more attention
fr eg in logo or in the company name to create more attraction

Co-corporate Cards :- Aesthetic in appearance, widely used by the co-corporate set of people, they have patterns following
in the card and they are costly when compared to other set of cards.


Mostly done in offset or digital printing.

Special Materials:-


  • Paper
  • Board


  • Plastic
  • white or metallic plastic
  • crystal clear plastic
  • Rubber
  • Magnet
  • Ceramic Cards
  • Wood

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