Update RSS feed in PHP

Now a day’s RSS is widely using in websites to update site content to subscribed users. The advanced stage of RSS intimation is getting popular now through SMS alert. To update your RSS feed you need to online rss creation in php download from from your web server and change with new updates. Finally we have to upload it again. To avoid this conventional type of feed updating here am posting easier and quicker way to update your feed.

Update your RSS feed online using PHP easily and quicklyBy using PHP we can update our RSS feed online, which will reduce effort and time.

Take a look at this article. In this method we are using PHP File concept to generate updated RSS feed. This PHP function will write new content to feed XML file.

Copy and paste above code in a blank PHP file and save it as a RSScreator.php . Chang your DB connector, Database name, table name etc..

How it work?

This will open your feed.xml file and write all the record from database to XML file. Now your RSS feed got updated. You can run this script once you posted the new article. If you don’t have any RSS feed, create a new XML file and upload it in server. Now you can run this script and make your feed updated.

I’m strongly preferring this type of feed update because it will save your time and also your feed subscriber will get site update quickly.

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