Create your own Google Chrome App using JSON

In this article I will explain you how to create your own custom chrome app and upload to Google Chrome Web Store. We are creating this app using JSON data, and using Google chrome extension we can compress it to a extension pack. You need a notepad or any text editor and Google Chrome browser installed in your machine.

Create your Own Google Chrome Extension

Download FileDemo

First step, create a file and save it as manifest.json. Make sure that you have created a anew folder and saved in that directory. Place your app icon inside the directory with the name icon.png. You can use png,gif and jpg files for icon. But I prefer png. Now you need to create a JSON object with the details for your Chrome App (Extension) like below.

//name - name of your application
"name": "webinfopedia",
//description - description of your application
"description": "PHP and HTML5 Tutorial Online with Demo and Example.",
//version - of you APP
"version": "1.0",
//manifest version (No need to change)
"manifest_version": 2,
//Image of your app. Image should be 128 X 128 px
"icons": {
"128": "icon.png"

"app": {
"urls": [
//URL of your website/Blog etc..
"launch": {
//URL to website. This URL will open once the user click on the icon
  "web_url": ""
"permissions": [

Save the file and open your Google Chrome. From the options open Tools -> Extensions. The new tab will open.

Create your Own Google Chrome Extension

At the top you can find the menu called Load Unpacked Extension. In not, check the Developer Mode at the top right of the window. Now you can see Load Unpacked Extension button. Click and select the directory where you have saved the above JSON file and Image of your App. Now you can see your app installed in Chrome. Open a new window and check.

Now we can pack the extension using Chrome to send anybody or to upload in Chrome Store. Open Extension Manager (Tools -> Extensions) and click on Load Extension. Open the Extension root directory, click Pack Extension. You can find a file with your app name having .crx extension. You can upload this Packed Extension to Chrome Store or share on internet to make you app popular.

Hope that you like this article. If any doubts means send me a message below.

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