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In this tutorial am going to explain you how to create an audio player using HTML5 and Jquery. As I mentioned in my pervious article we can develop lots of application using HTML5 and jquery. So today we are going to create a cross browser music player in HTML5 and jquery.

Create music player using HTML5 and Jquery

This is a simple audio player without playlist. We can create advanced Jquery-HTML5 music player along with playlist and more button controls and visualization. You can view demo and download the example file below

Download FileDemo

    var player = '

\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

'; $(player).insertAfter("#listen #html5Player"); audio = $('.player audio').get(0); loadingIndicator = $('.player #loading'); positionIndicator = $('.player #handle'); timeleft = $('.player #timeleft');

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  • David Woodfin

    Hi, Thank you for your nice article.It is good comment. Thanks
    Monday-Apr-2012 | 1:8:29 PM
  • Max

    Thank you for this great player. I am trying to make the player auto play. How would I do that?
    Monday-Nov-2011 | 7:30:49 PM

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