Importance of Sitemap in Search Engine Optimization

If you have a large site means, it’s not easy to find all the articles easily for readers as well as Search spiders. So in this tutorial am going to explain how to create site map and the importance of it.

Importance of Sitemap in Search Engine Optimization

There are mainly 2 types of site maps are their

  • Human Sitemap
  • XML /Search Engine Sitemap

Human Sitemap:
This type of sitemap is designed for users, but search engines also find it to index your site. Human site maps are simply HTML page which links all web pages or articles. By using this sitemap humans/Users can find your content easily which means your site navigation will be easy. Upload the human sitemap and give a link to the sitemap. Your site map link can place in website footer or header. Below is the example for human sitemap.

XML/Search Engine Sitemap:
This type of sitemap is made for search engines. XML sitemaps are not human friendly but search engines can understand easily and navigate around your site to index pages. You can create the sitemap online using online sitemap generator. Below is the example of XML/Search Engine Sitemap.

How to submit a sitemap to search engines?
After creating the XML/Search Engine Sitemap you need to submit it to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc..

Upload the sitemap.xml file to the web server. To submit the site to Google login to Google Web master Account. If you have Google account means login with that details or signup for new account. If you are a new user it will ask you to verify the ownership of your domain. Google will provide a meta tag to verify. Place it at the head section of your website. Now you are ready to submit your site map to Google.

Under the Site configuration click the Sitemap. Click the Submit a Sitemap Enter the URL of your sitemap and click submit. URL will be like Your site map is now submitted successfully. Be patient to index your sitemap by Google.

Using same way you can submit your sitemap to Yahoo, Bing etc.. Sitemap plays a big role in Search Engine Optimization. Create your site map and submit it to search engines. You can also submit website to search engines. Hope that this article will help you.

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