Designing letterhead and envelope in illustrator

A letterhead is a sheet of letter paper where there is a heading at the top of the sheet it contains the logo, company name and the footer contains the official or individuals address.

The purpose of a letterhead is to reveal its own identity during the time of any agreements or quotations prepared. It is a very formal way of procedure.

Letterhead is most often created using an offset printer to achieve maximum cost efficiency when huge number of letterheads is printed. Offset printing maintains the same quality of printing until the last print.

The standard size of letterhead is A4 size, different GSM of papers are used based upon the requirement of the usage

Envelope is used for containing a letter or card often termed as a packaging item. It is usually thin paper which has got a flap either horizontally or vertically. The flaps are pasted or gummed together at the overlaps

The standard size of an envelope is “9x 4″

They are most commonly used for enclosing and sending mail (letters) through postal system.

Types of envelope:-letterhead-envelope

  • Pocket Envelopes
  • Wallet envelopes
  • Banker Envelopes

Pocket envelope:-
These types of envelope commonly used in all applications, the height of to is more than to its width.

Wallet Envelope:-
These types of envelope in which the width of ot is more than to its height.

Banker Envelopes:-
These are triangular in shape mostly used for greeting card purpose and for personal use.

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