New Facebook and Google Plus Wall Script Launched

Recently we have launched the Facebook Wall Script and Google Plus Wall Script. This wall script will have options like Wall Post, Comment on Post, Video Share, Photo Share, User friendly URL and even more..

Free Wall Script

Facebook wallscript launching soon. It contains 2 versions. Lite and Premium Version. Premium Version contains lot more facility. If you are interested, you can book here.

Download Now Live Demo

This Wall Script contains all most all the options provided by Facebook and Google Plus. You can also call it as Facebook Clone or Google Plus Clone. The Premium Version comes with text chat with online friends, soon we are going to launch a plugin for video chat on this Wall Script.

Facebook and Google Plus Wall Script Screenshots (Click to Enlarge):
Facebook and Google Plus Wall Script

Wall Post package Compression:
Facebook Wall Script Free Download

For more details mail to

Download Now Live Demo

Contact us to Customize the Wall Script

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