Create Firefox Search Engine Extension

Create your own firefox search extension

You can see the Firefox quick search box at top right side of the Firefox window. Basically includes Google, Yahoo etc. you can create your own search extension so that is easy to search your websites to your users. In this article i will explain you how to create custom Firefox search engine extension.

Open notepad and paste the following code and change the title and website name and save it with the .src extension.

Add webinfopedia Search Engine

Download File

Copy the following code:



Now save this file to the firefox installed directory/searchplugin. For example, c:/program files/Mozilla Firefox/searchplugin.

If you want to display the thumbnail in your search box, paste a icon with 16 X 16 pixel make sure that the name of the extension and icon should be same. Now restart Firefox your search plug in will be displayed in Firefox quick search. Click here to add search plug-in

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