Flash action script basic tutorial

Flash Action Script basically Object Orient Language developed by Macromedia. Then it has been owned by Adobe Systems. Flash Action Script using to develop websites and standalone software with flash player platform. The output will be in SWF (Shock Wave Flash) format.

Flash action scriptThree types of action script are there:
1. Action Script 1.0
2. Action Script 2.0
3. Action Script 3.0
Now a day’s Action Script 3.0 becoming more popular still most of the peoples using Action Script 2.0

Below is the syntax of both Action Script 2.0 and 3.0

Action Script 2.0:

createTextField("mytext", 0, 0, 0, 100, 100);
mytext.text = "Hello, Friends";

The above code which works in any compliant players, creates a text field with depth 0, at position (0,0) on the screen with 100px width and height measuring in pixels, then the text “Hello Friends” will print inside that text area. This action script file will be saved in .as formet. But we can edit it by using any text editor.

Action Script 3.0:

Action Script 3.0 is similar to 2.0 but it uses different set of API’s for creatinf the object.

var greet:TextField = new TextField();
greet.text = "Hello World";

Action Script data structure mainly consists 4 types of data types:
String: A list of character.
Number: Any Numeric value.
Boolean: Boolean string storage only true or false.
Object: Object is the data type all complex data types inherit from. It allows grouping of methods, functions, parameters, and other objects.

By using action script we can develop websites, web applications and standalone applications. Action script playing a big role in gaming industry.

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