Flash basic tutorial for beginners

HTML is used to create static website whereas flash is used to create dynamic website where the images and contents are animated. In html animation are created in the gif format which contains the sequence of images which increase the size of the animated gif file than the original image. In photoshop, gif animations cannot be control whereas it’s possible in flash animations.
Compared to gif animation flash movies

    • Load faster
    • Allow interactivity
    • Use more than 256 colors

A default flash workspace includes

  • Tool bar where all tools in flash software are display.
  • Timeline is at the top portion of the screen which displays the movie in sequence of frames.
  • Different palettes are displayed at the right side of the screen
  • At the bottom property palette is displayed where the title, description, size, background color of the document, frame rate, unit of measure can be modified.


Symbol created might be a graphic, movie clip or button. When a symbol is created it will get saved in the library which can be reused in the current document or other document. Creation of symbol reduce the file size by preventing the storage of multiple copies of a single content.
Three types of symbol are

  • Graphic
  • Movieclip
  • Button

Graphic symbols are used for static images to create a reusable animation and have only one key frame in the time line.

Movie clip symbol is a reusable animation which may contain graphic symbol or button. It can be duplicated and controlled using action script.

Buttons symbol are used for time line navigation. It is used for mouse handler like mouse click, key press, rollover or roll out. Each button has 4 frames like up, over, down and hit. Up refer to the normal state, over refer to rollover state, down – click state and hit as hit area of the button.


In flash, two types of animation can be created based on the type of object.

They are key frame and tween animation.

Key frame animation is done frame-by-frame but it increases the file size than any other animation

Tween animation – the word “tween” refers to “in between” where the changes are applied in the first and the last frame. Based on the object the tween animation is classified to 2 types. They are
Shape tween and motion tween.

Shape tween is used to create an animation with the changes in shapes. It can be done with vectors and not with the symbols or objects.

Motion tween animation create an movement of an object without any change in shape. This animation can be done with symbol, vector and objects.

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