PHP RSS Reader application using Google Reader API

Now a day RSS users are increasing day by day. I have already explained how to create the RSS feeds to bring the customers back to the website or blog, so that when even you are posting any products, posts, article or any updation in your site. Here am explaining you how to create an RSS reader using Google Reader API.

Google Reader API

In this method you can control the number of Feed Item. The output will be in json format.

Download FileDemo

  $url = sprintf('', $feed, $continuation);
  $json = file_get_contents($url);
  $data = json_decode($json);
  $continuation = $data->continuation;

Now we need to display the array values in a loop

  foreach ($data->items as $item)  if ($i++ < 20)
  echo $item->title.'
'; echo $item->alternate[0]->href.'
'; echo $item->canonical[0]->href; }

You can view demo and download the example file file above. Hope that you this post will be useful. Make free email subscription to keep in touch with this blog.

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