How can i start designing

Designing is a art where you can be creative and unique in expressing your thoughts. The way of expression of your art can be done with a pen and paper, in olden days. As technology develops different methods have been introduced to bring our creativity to life as digital arts. We teach you the method of designing in photoshop where your can be so expressive and unique.

Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop is an user friendly magical software used by current generation to create their digital works. Even for a beginner its very easy to create a design in it. Most of the graphic design works are been designed in photoshop only.
Now a days photoshop become a very popular tool to making designs for both web as well as graphic. We can also make digital painting easily in photoshop. Now we can learn about Photoshop CS3starting from the workspace, tools, documents, file types, colors and resolution.

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Photoshop Tools and Shortcuts

To place a document or image, go to file menu – place. Different format of files can be placed in an existing document. Also can place a illustrator or vector based file to be placed as smart object which can be scaled and transformed without any loss of resolution of the object.

photoshop tools
V = Move Tool
M = Rectangular Marquee Tool
L = Lasso Tool
W = Quick selection Tool
C = Crop Tool
K = Slice tool
J = Spot Healing Brush Tool
B = Brush Tool
S = Clone Stamp Tool
Y = History Brush Tool
E = Eraser Tool
G = Gradient Tool
R = Blur Tool
O = Dodge Tool
P = Pen Tool
T = Horizontal Type Tool
A = Path selection Tool
U = Rectangle Tool
N = Notes Tool
I = Eye Dropper Tool
H = Hand Tool
Z = Zoom Tool
X = Switch Foreground and background color
Q = Edit in quick mask mode
F = Change Full screen mode

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Adobe Illustrator basic tutorials

Illustrator is software which deals with vectors made by lines and curves. Photoshop is resolution dependent software which deals with rastor i.e. pixel based images. They are resolution-independent with crisp edges which are maintained when resized.Adobe Illustrator basic tutorials

  • Workspace in illustrator is similar as photoshop which includes
  • Menu bar which contain all menus.
  • Tool panel appear on the left side of the screen with all tools.
  • Control panel (known as option bar in photoshop) is seen below the menu bar with all options of the tool which has been currently selected.
  • Document window has the file with which we are working.
  • Panels appear on the right side of the screen with all palettes.

illustrator workspace

The 2 major color mode used here is RGB and CMYK

  • RGB – used to design an artwork to view on screen. Eg. Website, etc.
  • CMYK – used to design an artwork which is going to be printed. Eg. Brochures, logos, etc.

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Logo design in illustrator

LOGO – The most powerful element

The most important factor or principle of any organization,enterprises or even individuals. The logo can be created either as a graphic mark or as an emblem it logo design in illustrator depends upon the nature of the service that the company provide. Mostly logos are created representing the name of organization or as symbols/ icons.
The logos created using symbols are mostly or easily reached to the public than using its own completely. Now a days the logos are also termed as trademark, identity or branding at the level of mass communication.

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Business Card Design in Illustrator

Business cards also known as calling cards, it first appeared in China in 15th century and in Europe in 17th century. Business cards are cards those which contains information’s about company or an individual and they are shared during formal introductions.

business-card-design-in-illustratorA business card consists of a company logo, contact information’s such as address, telephone number, email id and website address.It can also
include fax etc. In the ancient days a business cards consisted of plain backgrounds with black texting on it.

But, today a professional business cards consists more aspect of striking visual design. Standard size of business cards 9cmX5cm.

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Brochure design in illustrator

Brochure is also termed or referred as pamphlet. It is known as a leaflet also. Earlier brochures were commonly used in places where tourists visit frequently such as museums, major shops etc. Whereas now its been widely used in all concerns, organizations, companies. They provide detailed information on their services and products mainly used for promotional purposes.

brochure design in illustrator

Brochures are of many types:

  • Single fold
  • Bifold
  • Trifold
  • Gate fold
  • Z- fold
  • C-Fold

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Designing letterhead and envelope in illustrator

A letterhead is a sheet of letter paper where there is a heading at the top of the sheet it contains the logo, company name and the footer contains the official or individuals address.

The purpose of a letterhead is to reveal its own identity during the time of any agreements or quotations prepared. It is a very formal way of procedure.

Letterhead is most often created using an offset printer to achieve maximum cost efficiency when huge number of letterheads is printed. Offset printing maintains the same quality of printing until the last print.

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Poster designing in illustrator

Poster is any piece of printed paper designed based on its need and it is pasted on wall mostly a vertical surface. Posters include textual or graphical elements. They are designed to convey information same time it is attractive and major tool for advertisers. They are mainly designed to communicate a message.

There is no standard size for poster it depends upon the nature of the work, widely designed in A4, A3 sizes

Different types of posters:-

  • Book posters
  • Educational posters
  • Movie posters
  • Travel posters
  • Comic book posters
  • Research poster
  • Entertainment posters etc…

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