Logo design in illustrator

LOGO – The most powerful element

The most important factor or principle of any organization,enterprises or even individuals. The logo can be created either as a graphic mark or as an emblem it logo design in illustrator depends upon the nature of the service that the company provide. Mostly logos are created representing the name of organization or as symbols/ icons.
The logos created using symbols are mostly or easily reached to the public than using its own completely. Now a days the logos are also termed as trademark, identity or branding at the level of mass communication.

Logos today based on different principles

  • Name of the concern
  • Description of the concern
  • Preferred logo type /Icons/Emblems/Text/Symbols
  • Colour preference
  • To be used on

The current era of logo design began in 1950’s

Name of the concern
The name of the concern is a very important factor, people should be able to recognize the logo without its name.It is sensible to use an ideogram as a logo, both images and company name can also be used for any organization

Description of the logo
The description of the logo plays a vital role in the design as such, The logo should convey
what the concern is dealing with and also it should convey its actual meaning to the people.

Not necessary that it should be able to convey the entire services that they provide but the essential one at least.

Preferred Logo Type
Logo type is a principle where we can attract the maximum crowd of people to recognize
the concern for a very long period of time.The logo type can be either as icons/ emblems/ text/ symbols.
It requires clear idea about the concept and value of the brand or concern.

Colour preference
Colours are the main aspect for a logo, The vibrant colors used in it helps to recognize
the brand, the colours used should suit to its purpose and style.

To be used on
Logos are created based on the usage of where it has to be exposed, most commonly areas are through
online/printing/metal setting etc. It should be adaptable to its surroundings to represent its own meaning.

For Example :- The logo created for simple photography has been illustrated briefly

logo design in illustrator

Name of the Concern :-
Keeping the first element in mind which is the name of the concern “SIMPLE PHOTOGRAPHY” is created
It deals with 2 simple fonts, there is no complication of the letters or fonts used.

Description of logo
SIMPLE PHOTOGRAPHY signifies its meaning

trustfully, it deals with a photographic field
since why the logo is been shaped as an camera and the inner circle is related to the human eye also the
lens of a camera. The reason why the eyes were created is it is the main organ where objects are attracted
and captured easily. Both lens and the eye conveys the same meaning.

Preferred Logo type
The logo type created here is concept oriented and no symbols or icons used, it is purely a graphical representation of the concept developed

Colour Preference
Mild shades and tints of blue used for the outline and inner of darker shades.

To be used on
The logo created here is mainly for out door purpose , the area of usage is been served.

illustrator logo creation

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