HTML Title tag in Search Engine Optimization

Title tag is a piece of HTML code which describe the web page content. So simply speaking title tag is nothing but summary of the web page. The title tag is derived by the keyword query which is typing in search engine by user.

How can I view a title tag?
HTML Title tag in Search Engine Optimization
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You can view the title tag simply at your browser’s title bar.

Or else you can also view the title tag in the source code of the web page. Click view menu at the top left corner of the browser and select view source.

How to write a good title tag?
Title tag is the main parameter in search engine ranking. We have to consider the following facts while writing title tags.

  • Your title tag should contain key phrase and it should not be repeated.
  • Title tag should be in human readable format.
  • The HTML title tag should be within 63 characters. If it exceeds more than that search engine will ignore the remaining content of the title tag.
  • As I mentioned early, title tag is the summary of the web page. So its important that every page of your web site should have unique title tag.
  • Don’t leave your web page title empty or content like page one , untitled, welcome to domain name etc..

The main mistake what people doing while writing title tag is simply dumping the list of keywords as their title tag. The title tag should be in readable format so that people can easily read it and understand what you are providing to user through your website.

Now a days all social network sites are giving option to share the web page. What we have to do means just copy and paste your web page URL in social network site to share. These sites will grab the information from that particular page . which contains mainly title tag, description tag and also image. So if you left your title tag blank or untitled or even junk keywords which is not attractive at social network sites and it will not serve its purpose.

The title tag playing a big role in SEO. So kindly keep in mind the above things while writing your web page titles.

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