Images in Web Design – Stay tuned for free Ebook

Stay tuned for my free Ebook – Images in Web Design. Read more to checkout the topics which i have covered.


Images in Web Design

Below is the index of  “Images in web Design” E-Book.

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction to “Images in Modern Web Designing”.
    2. About Author.
    3. Purpose of this E-book.
  2. Images and Image Formats
    1. Introduction to Image.
    2. Image formats and differences.
  3. Importance of Image in modern Web design
    1. Image speaks better.
    2. Good look and feel of websites.
    3. Image Conway complicated process.
  4. Usage of image in Web Design
    1. Using images for your Articles/Contents
    2. Use images for designing of pages
    3. Images in Navigations
    4. Images for Social Media Sharing
  5. Selecting the Image type for Web Design
    1. Image types for Web Designing.
    2. Selecting the image type for requirement and position.
    3. Best image type and its properties.
  6. Use Images in CSS
    1. Advantages of Images using in CSS
  7. HTTP Request and ways to Reduce HTTP Request for Images
    1. Introduction to HTTP Request
    2. How browsers will create and handle HTTP Requests
    3. How its effecting the page loading time
    4. Way to reduce HTTP Request
  8. CSS Sprites- Usages and Importance
    1. Introduction to CSS Sprites
    2. Advantages of CSS Sprites
    3. Create CSS Sprites
    4. Online tools to create CSS Sprites
    5. How to use CSS Sprites
  9. Handling the Image loading time
    1. How image effects page loading time
    2. How to decrease the page loading time
  10. Optimize the Images for Web Design
    1. Image Optimization Process
    2. Online tools for Image Optimization

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