How can i start designing

Designing is a art where you can be creative and unique in expressing your thoughts. The way of expression of your art can be done with a pen and paper, in olden days. As technology develops different methods have been introduced to bring our creativity to life as digital arts. We teach you the method of designing in photoshop where your can be so expressive and unique.

Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop is an user friendly magical software used by current generation to create their digital works. Even for a beginner its very easy to create a design in it. Most of the graphic design works are been designed in photoshop only.
Now a days photoshop become a very popular tool to making designs for both web as well as graphic. We can also make digital painting easily in photoshop. Now we can learn about Photoshop CS3starting from the workspace, tools, documents, file types, colors and resolution.

A default workspace of photoshop software include
Adobe Photoshop Interface
A. Menu b, B. Option bar, C. Tools panel. D. Panel(palettes)

  • A. Menu Bar– Organizes commands under the menus.
  • B.Option Bar/ Control Panel– shows options for the currently selected tool.
  • C.Tools– Contains tools for creating and editing your work in Photoshop.

  • D.Panels– Help you to monitor your work and modify it. Even the panels can be docked and unlocked by dragging on its tab.

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