Simple registration form in PHP and MYSQL

In most of the websites and web portals to maintain the separate data for each user we have login system. By logging in to website we can maintain user details and also manage our account. Same time the website admin can find out visitor activity in the website.

Simple Registration Form in PHP

So in order to make this, initially we have to get some details from user. The process of getting the details from user and save it in database is called Registration. In technical terms registration is nothing but creating a unique identity for each member to maintain his data.

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Pagination in PHP

Pagination is the process to split huge number of records in order to create dynamic pages. By using PHP we can easily setup a pagination script to display record from database. Pagination is mainly used in search result and displaying the table of content like name and address.

Pagination in PHP
Click image to view Larger
So in this example I will explain you how to setup a simple CSS styled PHP pagination script.

Above image will explain you how pagination will work? You can view demo or download the example file below and custimize to your requirement and layout.

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PHP Ajax image upload

By using PHP Ajax file upload system we can overcome limitations of conventional image upload. The main disadvantage of conventional image upload system is once we click upload we have to wait until the image got uploaded and also we can’t see the preview of uploaded image.

Upload image dynamically
Click image to view Larger
To avoid that we are using Ajax PHP image upload system. This system works on basic Ajax PHP concept. Which will avoid page refresh and we can see live preview. Below I will explain how to do that.

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Create zip and download multiple files in PHP

In this article am going to explain, how to create a Gmail like multiple file download by creating a zip file in PHP. The files should be in a web directory and we are creating a zip file using PHP and force it to download. You can add any types of file such as image, mp3, pdf movie files or even rar files also. This system is also known as Multiple File Download In PHP

Create zip and download multiple file using PHP

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What is HTML and basic tutorial of HTML

HTM:- Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is the standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages. All the web pages showing because of HTML only.

HTMLIt includes start and end tags which are also known as opening and closing tags. The basic tags of html includes html, head, title, body. Each tags appear in pairs like

(start tag) and

(end tag). All tags are written in lower case. Each HTML document form a web page which intern combine form a website. Continue reading

SQL Injection

SQL Injection is a technique of attacking the security of database by alternating the SQL statements through the input fields.
SQL Injection happens when we place the user input data directly to the SQL query without filtering it for the dangers string. If not the hackers will steal your data from database or chances for add, edit or delete the data even the database also.

SQL InjectionCertain SQL servers like Microsoft SQL server have stored procedure to prevent from hacking through SQL Injection. Below i will show you the simple SQL Injection query.

Imagine you have a table called users, where you have data for login function.
Now here is the login check script to check the username and password in the log in process to compare the input field values and back end values.

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