SQL Injection

SQL Injection is a technique of attacking the security of database by alternating the SQL statements through the input fields.
SQL Injection happens when we place the user input data directly to the SQL query without filtering it for the dangers string. If not the hackers will steal your data from database or chances for add, edit or delete the data even the database also.

SQL InjectionCertain SQL servers like Microsoft SQL server have stored procedure to prevent from hacking through SQL Injection. Below i will show you the simple SQL Injection query.

Imagine you have a table called users, where you have data for login function.
Now here is the login check script to check the username and password in the log in process to compare the input field values and back end values.

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Create thumbnail image dynamically using PHP

If you are using a large image in websites, automatically loading of the web page will increase it will leads visitors to skip from your web page and navigate to some other websites.

PHP image thumbnail So its better to show thumbnail image which link to larger sized one. So when loading the web page only thumbnail image will display which is loading quickly. For this reason most of the people maintaining two images one for thumbnail and larger sized image.

Download File

But here also we have to maintain two separate files and linked between each others.
PHP Create thumbnail image

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Dynamic form field creation in PHP

In some cases we need to create dynamic fields in a form. Like text box, select box or check box etc. the dynamic field creations will depends upon the previous field value basically.

Dynamic form field creation using PHP and Ajax
Click image to view Larger
So in this example I will explain you how to create a dynamic form field for a TV company. Below image will explain you this concept.

Dynamic form creation will be working in the basic Ajax principle. You can read “basic Ajax and PHP” article to get more idea. This type of dynamic form creation system is working on Ajax PHP bases. Find the example file and demo below.

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Get the recent tweet from twitter feed using PHP

Recently one of my friend asked me how to display his last tweet in web site. SO in this article I will explain you how to get the most recent tweet to your website by using tweeter feed. This method of getting tweets is working on tweeter feed search method. It will search the recent tweet in tweeter feed for mentioned username and PHP will fetch it to show in your website.

Display the recent tweet from tweeter using tweeter RSS feed

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Create Firefox Search Engine Extension

Create your own firefox search extension

You can see the Firefox quick search box at top right side of the Firefox window. Basically includes Google, Yahoo etc. you can create your own search extension so that is easy to search your websites to your users. In this article i will explain you how to create custom Firefox search engine extension.

Open notepad and paste the following code and change the title and website name and save it with the .src extension.

Add webinfopedia Search Engine

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JavaScript form validation

Form validation is the process to ensure that user has entered the mandatory fields in a form. The main reason for validation is to avoid the unnecessary load to the web server.
javascript validation
Click image to view Larger
For e.g., Imagine you have a log in form. Without entering the values and user clicking the login button, if you didn’t validated it means the request will send to web server. After checking this value with back end it will throw you an error. This is the unnecessary load for the web server.

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Website slicing in photoshop

Designing a website includes

  • Designing web layout in photoshop
  • Slicing &
  • Converting into HTML in dreamweaver


A basic website has

  • Header must have the logo and name of the company.
  • Buttons contains the name of the pages for navigation with the link
  • Body area contains the content for the current page and the design.
  • Footer contains the content for copyrights of the company.

Website layout is designed in photoshop and sliced. Slicing in photoshop is a process where the website layout is cut into small images. Tool used for this process is slice tool (shortcut ‘K’).

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Create hyperlink in HTML

Hyperlink or link point out to a document or any element within the document. The text with the link is known a hypertext.

create-hyperlink-in-htmlWhen a mouse rollover on a hyperlink, the cursor changes to a small hand which shows the presence of link. Clicking on the link gets navigated to a new page or website.

It appears as “This text has a hyperlink

The HTML code for creating a hyperlink to a text looks like

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