PHP image upload to database

By using PHP we can upload image to database. But in this article I will explain how to upload image to a web directly and inserting the name of the image into database. By following this method we have following advantages.

Image upload to database in PHP
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Images are stored in web directly, so search engine like Google can index your image and show in Google images.
Easy to upload and display.
For saving in database no need of binary or BLOB field type. By using this system it will reduce your database size.

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PHP Ajax basic example

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). Ajax is the interrelated web development method used in client side web application development. By using ajax we can send data to web server without interrupting user, browser, display and also behavior of the current page. This type of data transfer is called as Asynchronous or Process in Background.

PHP Ajax Basic tutorialIn Ajax all information like image, content or video whatever it may be all the data is retrieved in XMLHttp Request Object.

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Simple PHP email function

PHP have a built in function called mail. By using PHP mail function we can send email from our server through HTML form to any email id. The main usage of PHP email function is you can send email to your user dynamically. Along with this you can get feedback from visitors and its act as a direct communication with user.

Send email using PHP
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Here am explaining you how to submit a form to an email id using PHP function. In this example I will make a feedback form to your website.

After completing the HTML form you have to make ready of our input fields of form to process in PHP. First give name for all the input fields like name, email, mobile no and message. Make sure that your form submitting method should be in post method.
Now copy and paste the following code to the PHP file or download the example file below.

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What is a search Engine?

Search Engine is a program which is designed to search the information on the World Wide Web (WWW) and FTP servers. Search engine will search the information according to specified keyword and display the list of website which contain relevant information.

Search engine will work in the following order:
what is a search engine

  • Web Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Searching

There are three types of search engines are there, Crawler-based search engines,Human-powered directories, Hybrid search engines.

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HTML Title tag in Search Engine Optimization

Title tag is a piece of HTML code which describe the web page content. So simply speaking title tag is nothing but summary of the web page. The title tag is derived by the keyword query which is typing in search engine by user.

How can I view a title tag?
HTML Title tag in Search Engine Optimization
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You can view the title tag simply at your browser’s title bar.

Or else you can also view the title tag in the source code of the web page. Click view menu at the top left corner of the browser and select view source.

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Poster designing in illustrator

Poster is any piece of printed paper designed based on its need and it is pasted on wall mostly a vertical surface. Posters include textual or graphical elements. They are designed to convey information same time it is attractive and major tool for advertisers. They are mainly designed to communicate a message.

There is no standard size for poster it depends upon the nature of the work, widely designed in A4, A3 sizes

Different types of posters:-

  • Book posters
  • Educational posters
  • Movie posters
  • Travel posters
  • Comic book posters
  • Research poster
  • Entertainment posters etc…

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Designing letterhead and envelope in illustrator

A letterhead is a sheet of letter paper where there is a heading at the top of the sheet it contains the logo, company name and the footer contains the official or individuals address.

The purpose of a letterhead is to reveal its own identity during the time of any agreements or quotations prepared. It is a very formal way of procedure.

Letterhead is most often created using an offset printer to achieve maximum cost efficiency when huge number of letterheads is printed. Offset printing maintains the same quality of printing until the last print.

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Brochure design in illustrator

Brochure is also termed or referred as pamphlet. It is known as a leaflet also. Earlier brochures were commonly used in places where tourists visit frequently such as museums, major shops etc. Whereas now its been widely used in all concerns, organizations, companies. They provide detailed information on their services and products mainly used for promotional purposes.

brochure design in illustrator

Brochures are of many types:

  • Single fold
  • Bifold
  • Trifold
  • Gate fold
  • Z- fold
  • C-Fold

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Business Card Design in Illustrator

Business cards also known as calling cards, it first appeared in China in 15th century and in Europe in 17th century. Business cards are cards those which contains information’s about company or an individual and they are shared during formal introductions.

business-card-design-in-illustratorA business card consists of a company logo, contact information’s such as address, telephone number, email id and website address.It can also
include fax etc. In the ancient days a business cards consisted of plain backgrounds with black texting on it.

But, today a professional business cards consists more aspect of striking visual design. Standard size of business cards 9cmX5cm.

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