Logo design in illustrator

LOGO – The most powerful element

The most important factor or principle of any organization,enterprises or even individuals. The logo can be created either as a graphic mark or as an emblem it logo design in illustrator depends upon the nature of the service that the company provide. Mostly logos are created representing the name of organization or as symbols/ icons.
The logos created using symbols are mostly or easily reached to the public than using its own completely. Now a days the logos are also termed as trademark, identity or branding at the level of mass communication.

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Adobe Illustrator basic tutorials

Illustrator is software which deals with vectors made by lines and curves. Photoshop is resolution dependent software which deals with rastor i.e. pixel based images. They are resolution-independent with crisp edges which are maintained when resized.Adobe Illustrator basic tutorials

  • Workspace in illustrator is similar as photoshop which includes
  • Menu bar which contain all menus.
  • Tool panel appear on the left side of the screen with all tools.
  • Control panel (known as option bar in photoshop) is seen below the menu bar with all options of the tool which has been currently selected.
  • Document window has the file with which we are working.
  • Panels appear on the right side of the screen with all palettes.

illustrator workspace

The 2 major color mode used here is RGB and CMYK

  • RGB – used to design an artwork to view on screen. Eg. Website, etc.
  • CMYK – used to design an artwork which is going to be printed. Eg. Brochures, logos, etc.

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Flash action script basic tutorial

Flash Action Script basically Object Orient Language developed by Macromedia. Then it has been owned by Adobe Systems. Flash Action Script using to develop websites and standalone software with flash player platform. The output will be in SWF (Shock Wave Flash) format.

Flash action scriptThree types of action script are there:
1. Action Script 1.0
2. Action Script 2.0
3. Action Script 3.0
Now a day’s Action Script 3.0 becoming more popular still most of the peoples using Action Script 2.0

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Flash basic tutorial for beginners

HTML is used to create static website whereas flash is used to create dynamic website where the images and contents are animated. In html animation are created in the gif format which contains the sequence of images which increase the size of the animated gif file than the original image. In photoshop, gif animations cannot be control whereas it’s possible in flash animations.
Compared to gif animation flash movies

  • Load faster
  • Allow interactivity
  • Use more than 256 colors

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Basics of css and css designing tutorials.

CSS – Cascading Style Sheet format the presentation of the html document like content alignment, font, background color, border, etc. Separating the contents from the presentation result in clean html code and fast loading time.
Cascading Style Sheet tutorialsCSS include two parts:

  • Selector
  • Declaration
  • Property
  • value

Selector is the name of class and Declaration is the properties explained in the class for a particular style.
Declaration has two parts: property like font-style and value as italic.
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What is Animation and flash animation tutorial

“Animation” derived from the Latin name which is called “anima” which is also known as animating principle.
A vital force is present inside every living object. In Greek, it is also known as psyche. In relation to Christian concept it is like giving soul to in animate objects.


Traditional animation:
The animation which was used or performed in the 20th century is known as the traditional animation. It is also known as cell animation or hand drawn animations. The individual frames of it are the photographs of drawings. The image is first traced or drawn on the paper. To create an illusion or movement to it each drawing slightly differs from the one before. The drawings are first traced or Xeroxed onto transparent acetate sheets called cells. Then it is been given color of filled with paint on the opposite of line drawing. The completed character cells are photographed one onto motion picture against a painted background.

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What is PHP and basic tutorial of PHP

PHP means Hypertext Preprocesses. Earlier its calles ad Personal Home page. PHP is developed by Rasmus Lerdorf initially created a bunch of perl scripts called as Personal Home Page.

php-Hypertext Preprocesses In 2008 PHP 5 became the only stable version under development programming language. PHP is a server side programming language using for web development. PHP is usually used for create dynamic web pages,images on website.We can also use PHP for commend line scripting and Client Side-GUI application.PHP is open source and Cross platformed, because of that it can be run in most of the operating systems,web servers and other platforms. PHP also being used in RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).

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What is a Filezilla and how to use it?

FileZilla free,open source and cross-platform FTP/SFTP client used to upload files to web server from local.
FileZilla is a popular FTP/SFTP used by most of people. Its interface and functionality is more user friendly. And main thing is its secure. Below i will explain you how to upload files to server using FileZilla?

First download the FileZilla from its official website.Download the FileZilla here. Download the FileZilla according to your OS. Once the application has been downloaded install FileZilla and run the application. Now we have to do some setting to connect to web server.

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What is a website?

Website is a collection of web pages which contains text content,images and videos which is hosted in WWW(World Wide Web) and can access in internet through Web Address (URL).
Web page nothing but its also a document typically written in plain text interspersed with formatting instructions of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML or XHTML).

WebsiteMainly two types of website are there. i.e., Static website and Dynamic website.

Static website:
Static website means the web pages is stored in web server and will send to user browser. Basically most of websites using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) for static websites.

Dynamic website:
Dynamic website means the web pages are updated or customizes frequently or automatically by using some programming languages like PHP,.net,java etc…

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Photoshop Tools and Shortcuts

To place a document or image, go to file menu – place. Different format of files can be placed in an existing document. Also can place a illustrator or vector based file to be placed as smart object which can be scaled and transformed without any loss of resolution of the object.

photoshop tools
V = Move Tool
M = Rectangular Marquee Tool
L = Lasso Tool
W = Quick selection Tool
C = Crop Tool
K = Slice tool
J = Spot Healing Brush Tool
B = Brush Tool
S = Clone Stamp Tool
Y = History Brush Tool
E = Eraser Tool
G = Gradient Tool
R = Blur Tool
O = Dodge Tool
P = Pen Tool
T = Horizontal Type Tool
A = Path selection Tool
U = Rectangle Tool
N = Notes Tool
I = Eye Dropper Tool
H = Hand Tool
Z = Zoom Tool
X = Switch Foreground and background color
Q = Edit in quick mask mode
F = Change Full screen mode

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