How can i start designing

Designing is a art where you can be creative and unique in expressing your thoughts. The way of expression of your art can be done with a pen and paper, in olden days. As technology develops different methods have been introduced to bring our creativity to life as digital arts. We teach you the method of designing in photoshop where your can be so expressive and unique.

Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop is an user friendly magical software used by current generation to create their digital works. Even for a beginner its very easy to create a design in it. Most of the graphic design works are been designed in photoshop only.
Now a days photoshop become a very popular tool to making designs for both web as well as graphic. We can also make digital painting easily in photoshop. Now we can learn about Photoshop CS3starting from the workspace, tools, documents, file types, colors and resolution.

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Meta Tags and its importances

Meta Tags and its importance
Meta Tags or Meta Elements are the HTML or XHTML elements used to provide structured meta data about the web page. It may contain the page description, keywords or about robot etc.. This meta tags plays a major role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This Meta Tags are placed in the header portion of the web page.

List of Common Meta Elements:
Meta Tags

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Language
  • Meta robots etc.

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What is a SEO friendly website?

Google like major search engines are mostly preferring the website which is more seo friendly. SEO friendly website nothing but the website which is more easy to crawl by search engines. for that we have to consider some parameter while designing a website.

Tips for making your website more SEO friendly.
seo friendly websites
I will explain you how to do this with simple techniques and helpful guidelines. You can download my Ebook called “Boost your site up in Search Engine Ranking”.

What is a SEO friendly website?
Make your website more seo Friendly ! Major search engines are preferring the website which is more seo friendly and loading quickly. Because now a days the popular search engines are not only crawl or index your page text but also depending upon number of parameter like page loading time, back links, good text navigation etc. so its better to make your website more seo friendly so that it will load quickly and will improve search ranking.

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Types of Search Engines

Mainly three types of search engines are there in which first one is most commonly used. They are
1.Crawler-based search engines, 2.Human-powered directories, 3.Hybrid search engines.

Crawler-based search engines
Crawler based search engines will create there listing automatically. They crawl the web pages and when people search, it will show the result. This crawler will index web pages in specific interval. If we made any changes in web page it will get updated during the next crawling. The crawler will consider page title, description and text content.

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How to design form in HTML

HTML forms gather information from the user and store in the server memory. Form has various other uses in the web such as surveys electronic commerce guest boos and polls.

form-in-htmlEach form has some type of connection to the web server where the information collected by the parameters in HTML form are sent through either by “POST” or “GET” method. Parameter is just like variable which are specified after the function name inside the parenthesis.

POST method – the parameters are sent to the web server and are not visible to anyone who used to view the page in standard method. This method used for values affecting database content like inserting, updating / deleting records or fro values sent to the email.

GET method – parameters are visible to the anyone in the url who view the page. Mostly used in search forms. Since its visible to the user address bar, sensitive informations are not passed using “GET” method.

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Update RSS feed in PHP

Now a day’s RSS is widely using in websites to update site content to subscribed users. The advanced stage of RSS intimation is getting popular now through SMS alert. To update your RSS feed you need to online rss creation in php download from from your web server and change with new updates. Finally we have to upload it again. To avoid this conventional type of feed updating here am posting easier and quicker way to update your feed.

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