Pathfinder in illustrator

Pathfinder has a set of tools which are used to manipulate the shapes and create a shape from multiple shapes.


  • Unite
  • Subtract
  • Intersect
  • Exclude
  • Divide
  • Trim
  • Outline

Draw two objects that are touching or overlapping each other, select both the objects and give unite they will get united as one object.


Draw two objects or shapes overlapping each other it subtracts away any portion of the back object that was covered.

Draw two objects in required shapes you want overlapping each other select both & give intersect the area which is common to both the shapes
will remain and rest of the area will get evaluated.

Draw two objects overlapping each then select both the object and give extude the area common to both will leave an empty space in the middle
the resulting shape is a compound path until itis expanded.

The Divide button of the images/pathfinder divides all of the overlapping shapes. Create two objects of diffrent shapes and place it are above the
other with diffrent colours then select all the objects and give divide it will grouped. Ungrouping them sepearte each shape.

Create objects of diffrent shapes and place it are above the other with diffrent colours the top layer plays a major role. Select all
three objects and give trim the top layer leaves the impression on the bottom layer.

Outline takes all shapes and cuts each shape at the intersecting points. Create two objects intersecting or overlapping each other select
both and give outline the objects gives a result with seperate outines.

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