Photoshop Tools and Shortcuts

To place a document or image, go to file menu – place. Different format of files can be placed in an existing document. Also can place a illustrator or vector based file to be placed as smart object which can be scaled and transformed without any loss of resolution of the object.

photoshop tools
V = Move Tool
M = Rectangular Marquee Tool
L = Lasso Tool
W = Quick selection Tool
C = Crop Tool
K = Slice tool
J = Spot Healing Brush Tool
B = Brush Tool
S = Clone Stamp Tool
Y = History Brush Tool
E = Eraser Tool
G = Gradient Tool
R = Blur Tool
O = Dodge Tool
P = Pen Tool
T = Horizontal Type Tool
A = Path selection Tool
U = Rectangle Tool
N = Notes Tool
I = Eye Dropper Tool
H = Hand Tool
Z = Zoom Tool
X = Switch Foreground and background color
Q = Edit in quick mask mode
F = Change Full screen mode

Transform tool helps in editing an image either by rotating, scaling, changing the angle and perspective, etc.

Define brush preset- helps in creating an brush with an image. To create a brush

  • Select an image.
  • Go to file > define brush preset.
  • Name the brush. If a coloured image is selected it will be converted to grayscale mode.

Edit menu also contain the option for keyboard shortcuts (Alt+Shft+Ctrl+K) where the shortcuts for all tools can be customized.

Menus helps in hiding and coloring a menu item.

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