Poster designing in illustrator

Poster is any piece of printed paper designed based on its need and it is pasted on wall mostly a vertical surface. Posters include textual or graphical elements. They are designed to convey information same time it is attractive and major tool for advertisers. They are mainly designed to communicate a message.

There is no standard size for poster it depends upon the nature of the work, widely designed in A4, A3 sizes

Different types of posters:-

  • Book posters
  • Educational posters
  • Movie posters
  • Travel posters
  • Comic book posters
  • Research poster
  • Entertainment posters etc…

Poster Printing:-
There are many printing techniques used to produce posters. Posters are mass produced so they are printed using machine on one side and other side if left blank for affixing to a wall or any other surface

Event posters:-
Common type of advertising mainly printed during the period of any public event,
college programme’s, functions, parties etc.

Book posters:-
Type of a poster design where the entire text of a book is printed in legible form usually a novel

Educational Posters/Research posters:-
Posters which are used to promote their educational needs and academics, mostly they are shown or explained during the time of conferences and meetings

Movie posters:-
Vibrant colored posters are an easy way to sell their pictures. They are more attractive and crowd enjoys
the information, generally the entire detail of the film crew is conveyed graphically

Travel Posters:-
These types of posters are widely used for proposing a travel destination. They consists more of text than images and they are bold in appearance.

Comic Book Posters:-
These posters typically feature popular characters in a variety of action poses. They are informal in appearance and they convey the meaning humorously.

Entertainment Posters:-
These posters mainly used for any play, drama, musical concerts etc they are rich and colorful in appearance.


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