What is Animation and flash animation tutorial

“Animation” derived from the Latin name which is called “anima” which is also known as animating principle.
A vital force is present inside every living object. In Greek, it is also known as psyche. In relation to Christian concept it is like giving soul to in animate objects.


Traditional animation:
The animation which was used or performed in the 20th century is known as the traditional animation. It is also known as cell animation or hand drawn animations. The individual frames of it are the photographs of drawings. The image is first traced or drawn on the paper. To create an illusion or movement to it each drawing slightly differs from the one before. The drawings are first traced or Xeroxed onto transparent acetate sheets called cells. Then it is been given color of filled with paint on the opposite of line drawing. The completed character cells are photographed one onto motion picture against a painted background.

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Flash basic tutorial for beginners

HTML is used to create static website whereas flash is used to create dynamic website where the images and contents are animated. In html animation are created in the gif format which contains the sequence of images which increase the size of the animated gif file than the original image. In photoshop, gif animations cannot be control whereas it’s possible in flash animations.
Compared to gif animation flash movies

  • Load faster
  • Allow interactivity
  • Use more than 256 colors

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Flash action script basic tutorial

Flash Action Script basically Object Orient Language developed by Macromedia. Then it has been owned by Adobe Systems. Flash Action Script using to develop websites and standalone software with flash player platform. The output will be in SWF (Shock Wave Flash) format.

Flash action scriptThree types of action script are there:
1. Action Script 1.0
2. Action Script 2.0
3. Action Script 3.0
Now a day’s Action Script 3.0 becoming more popular still most of the peoples using Action Script 2.0

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