Types of Search Engines

Mainly three types of search engines are there in which first one is most commonly used. They are
1.Crawler-based search engines, 2.Human-powered directories, 3.Hybrid search engines.

Crawler-based search engines
Crawler based search engines will create there listing automatically. They crawl the web pages and when people search, it will show the result. This crawler will index web pages in specific interval. If we made any changes in web page it will get updated during the next crawling. The crawler will consider page title, description and text content.

While we making any search in this type of search engines, it should involves number of different steps before it shows the result

Human-powered directories
This type of search engines listed manually by humans. Yahoo basically human power directory, but now it also working as a crawler based search engine. This type of search engines will get information from submission and will store description. It contain the description for entire site.

When you searching any information it will look only submitted matching description. If you are changing the web page will not effect the listing. That’s y the technique listing is easy than the Crawler based Search Engine. The good content and good site which has been submitted will be at top of ranking.

The disadvantage of this type of

search engine is it will show only matching description. But crawler based search engine look at matching content and meta tags that’s y the related site will show in search result.

Human-powered directories
Now a days all moist of search engines is part of both Crawler and Human-powered directories. Combination of these two search engines called Hybrid search engines.It will look both directory as well as index server. You can Submit your site URL to directory.

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