Types Brushes and its usages in Illustrator

Brushes are one of the major tools for any design medium; they help us to stylize the appearance of a path. Brush strokes are applied on an existing path or you can use paint brush tool to draw a poster and apply a brush stroke simultaneously.

Types of Brushes:

There are 4 types of brushesbrushes-in-illustrator

  1. Calligraphic
  2. Scatter
  3. Art Brush
  4. Pattern brush

Calligraphic Brushes: It reminds the strokes that are created using an angled point of calligraphic pen

Scatter brush: It can disperse the copies of any object or symbol along the path. They are scattered in appearance.

Art Brushes: It is uneven in appearance the initial level thickness will not be maintained until the final stage.

Pattern Brushes: They are made of individual tiles that repeat along the path. Pattern brushes can include up to 5 tiles, sides, inner, outer, inner corner beginning and end of the pattern

Scattered and pattern brushes gives a similar effect but the difference is that the pattern brush follow the path exactly whereas the scatter brushes do not.

Apply Brush Strokes:-
You can apply brush strokes to a line created with any drawing tool including pen tool, pencil tool, or basic shape tools

  1. Select the line and then select a brush in brush library, the brushes panel
  2. Drag a brush on to the line, If the line already has brush strokes applied to it then the new brush replaces the old brush

Remove Brush Strokes:-

  • Select a brushed line.
  • In the brushes panel, choose remove brush stroke from the panel menu (or) click the remove brush stroke button.

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