PHP Ajax image upload

By using PHP Ajax file upload system we can overcome limitations of conventional image upload. The main disadvantage of conventional image upload system is once we click upload we have to wait until the image got uploaded and also we can’t see the preview of uploaded image.

Upload image dynamically
Click image to view Larger
To avoid that we are using Ajax PHP image upload system. This system works on basic Ajax PHP concept. Which will avoid page refresh and we can see live preview. Below I will explain how to do that.

In PHP Ajax image upload system we are using separate PHP file to handle this process. This function will takes place without reloading the web page.

Download FileDemo

You can download the example file above and change the parameter according to your requirement.

Design your HTML form like above to create your dynamic image up loader using Ajax and PHP. Below is the PHP script to upload the image to web directory.

Upload the Ajaximageupload.js file in the same directory and link it to the html file. (If needed download the example file) upload all the files and run the script.
While we press upload button Ajax will submit the form Asynchronous without disturbing the status of webpage. Now PHP will get the image from your local directory and start to upload it to the server.

To get good idea about this function you should know basics of Ajax. Read the article called “Ajax PHP basic tutorial” to get knowledge about PHP Ajax functionality.

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