Website slicing in photoshop

Designing a website includes

  • Designing web layout in photoshop
  • Slicing &
  • Converting into HTML in dreamweaver


A basic website has

  • Header must have the logo and name of the company.
  • Buttons contains the name of the pages for navigation with the link
  • Body area contains the content for the current page and the design.
  • Footer contains the content for copyrights of the company.

Website layout is designed in photoshop and sliced. Slicing in photoshop is a process where the website layout is cut into small images. Tool used for this process is slice tool (shortcut ‘K’).

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JavaScript form validation

Form validation is the process to ensure that user has entered the mandatory fields in a form. The main reason for validation is to avoid the unnecessary load to the web server.
javascript validation
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For e.g., Imagine you have a log in form. Without entering the values and user clicking the login button, if you didn’t validated it means the request will send to web server. After checking this value with back end it will throw you an error. This is the unnecessary load for the web server.

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How to design form in HTML

HTML forms gather information from the user and store in the server memory. Form has various other uses in the web such as surveys electronic commerce guest boos and polls.

form-in-htmlEach form has some type of connection to the web server where the information collected by the parameters in HTML form are sent through either by “POST” or “GET” method. Parameter is just like variable which are specified after the function name inside the parenthesis.

POST method – the parameters are sent to the web server and are not visible to anyone who used to view the page in standard method. This method used for values affecting database content like inserting, updating / deleting records or fro values sent to the email.

GET method – parameters are visible to the anyone in the url who view the page. Mostly used in search forms. Since its visible to the user address bar, sensitive informations are not passed using “GET” method.

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