Export MYSQL record to JSON Data

In this post I will give you a simple idea to create JSON Data from MYSQL record. Export the MYSQL record to JSON array using PHP. You may notice that top social network websites like Facebook and Twitter providing the option to get user data through API. The result of this request will display the JSON or XML output. We are going to create a similar JSON array from MYSQL database using PHP and MYSQL.

MYSQL create JSON Data Using PHP

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How to make PHP Calendar using HTML and CSS

In most of web sites and portal we need to show the calendar. If you want to show the calendar dynamically we can obtain that by using Jquery or PHP. In this article I will explain you how to create a stunning HTML, CSS and PHP calendar. You need to call calendar function with the value for which month and year’s calendar you want to create. I have given the PHP calendar Script download in this article.

How to create HTML and PHP Calender

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