Get the recent tweet from twitter feed using PHP

Recently one of my friend asked me how to display his last tweet in web site. SO in this article I will explain you how to get the most recent tweet to your website by using tweeter feed. This method of getting tweets is working on tweeter feed search method. It will search the recent tweet in tweeter feed for mentioned username and PHP will fetch it to show in your website.

Display the recent tweet from tweeter using tweeter RSS feed

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Simple PHP email function

PHP have a built in function called mail. By using PHP mail function we can send email from our server through HTML form to any email id. The main usage of PHP email function is you can send email to your user dynamically. Along with this you can get feedback from visitors and its act as a direct communication with user.

Send email using PHP
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Here am explaining you how to submit a form to an email id using PHP function. In this example I will make a feedback form to your website.

After completing the HTML form you have to make ready of our input fields of form to process in PHP. First give name for all the input fields like name, email, mobile no and message. Make sure that your form submitting method should be in post method.
Now copy and paste the following code to the PHP file or download the example file below.

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PHP Ajax basic example

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). Ajax is the interrelated web development method used in client side web application development. By using ajax we can send data to web server without interrupting user, browser, display and also behavior of the current page. This type of data transfer is called as Asynchronous or Process in Background.

PHP Ajax Basic tutorialIn Ajax all information like image, content or video whatever it may be all the data is retrieved in XMLHttp Request Object.

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PHP image upload to database

By using PHP we can upload image to database. But in this article I will explain how to upload image to a web directly and inserting the name of the image into database. By following this method we have following advantages.

Image upload to database in PHP
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Images are stored in web directly, so search engine like Google can index your image and show in Google images.
Easy to upload and display.
For saving in database no need of binary or BLOB field type. By using this system it will reduce your database size.

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Update RSS feed in PHP

Now a day’s RSS is widely using in websites to update site content to subscribed users. The advanced stage of RSS intimation is getting popular now through SMS alert. To update your RSS feed you need to online rss creation in php download from from your web server and change with new updates. Finally we have to upload it again. To avoid this conventional type of feed updating here am posting easier and quicker way to update your feed.

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