Website slicing in photoshop

Designing a website includes

  • Designing web layout in photoshop
  • Slicing &
  • Converting into HTML in dreamweaver


A basic website has

  • Header must have the logo and name of the company.
  • Buttons contains the name of the pages for navigation with the link
  • Body area contains the content for the current page and the design.
  • Footer contains the content for copyrights of the company.

Website layout is designed in photoshop and sliced. Slicing in photoshop is a process where the website layout is cut into small images. Tool used for this process is slice tool (shortcut ‘K’).

Maximum width to design a website is 1024pixels to avoid horizontal scroll in the browser. We have done a web layout for pets at a size of 800 x 782 pixels. Images and graphics are sliced in photoshop whereas the contents can be recreated in html.

  • Open the web layout in photoshop.
  • Select slice tool(K) and draw over the area of website which has to be sliced.
  • After slicing, a blue line will be created around the sliced area.


  • Only the images, different fonts and gradient are sliced whereas contents and solid colors are recreated in html.
  • Go to file > save for web & devices
  • Select the location and folder where the images to be saved.
  • Sliced images can be saved in different forms of gif, png and jpeg based upon our requirement. Animated slices are saved as gif files.


  • Name the slices and select the type to be saved.
    • HTML & images – sliced are saved as images and HTML document is created with the slices.
    • Images only – saved as images only.
    • HTML only – saved as html document only.


  • Select the settings to be default.


  • Slices
    • All slices – save all slices.
    • All user slices – save the slices created by the user manually.
    • Selected slice – save only the selected slice.


  • Save the slices.

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