What is HTML and basic tutorial of HTML

HTM:- Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is the standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages. All the web pages showing because of HTML only.

HTMLIt includes start and end tags which are also known as opening and closing tags. The basic tags of html includes html, head, title, body. Each tags appear in pairs like

(start tag) and

(end tag). All tags are written in lower case. Each HTML document form a web page which intern combine form a website.

A basic HTML tag include


<TITLE>Basic Html</TITLE>

A basic html document.

In a html document, all tags and contents are written inside the tag. Each html document containg 2 sections.

  1. Head section
  2. Body section.

Head section contain head tag with the information of the document written within the title tag. Head tag also contain meta tags, description tag which help to increase the traffic of the website.
Body section contain the content to be displayed in the website which may arranged in tables, div, attributes

<TITLE>Basic Html</TITLE>
<h1>A basic html document.</h1>
<em>Body section contain the content to be displayed in the website which may arranged in tables, div or within the bold, h1, italic tags which changes the style of the content.</em>


html tags All tags which has been opened in a html document should be closed expect for br/ tag which is used for line break and move the following content to next line.
html – opening tag of a html document
head – head tag
title – contain name for the document
body – contain content of the document
table – create a table
tr – row tag
td – column tag
p – paragraph tag
em – italic tag
b – bold the contents
u – underline

ol – create a ordered (numbered) list
h1h2h3h4h5 – heading tags
ul – create a unordered (bullet) list


Attributes are additional information about the element. Attribute is placed in the element tag and its value is written with the double quotes. Class and id attribute have no direct role on the element. It work through the cascading style sheet(CSS).

Id is the unique identifier for the style sheet.

idname“>Html id attribute

Class attribute specifies a class name to the element and point to a class in style sheet.

classname“>This text has a class assigned to it

Title attribute give title to an element which is shown as a small popup when mouse rollover it.

New title“>This text has a title

This text has a class assigned to it

Align attribute specify the alignment of the text or image

center“>Center alignment

Center alignment


Horizontal alignment

Right, left and center


Vertical alignment

Top, bottom and middle


Background color

Expressed in hexadecimal or RGB value


Width of the table or image

Expressed in numeric value


Height of the table of image

Expressed in numeric value


Border of the image or table

Expressed in numeric value


Text color

Expressed in hexadecimal or RGB value


Specify font

Font named is mentioned

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